YABI 3.0.9 Unlocked And...

Many of you reported that YABI was expired, so I took the decision to unlock this version, even if it’s still an alpha version.

Some months ago I found another way to sync our events with iCal, which doesn’t need manual operation; I quickly wrote a new version, tested and it seems to be stable and functional, but it misses graphical interface like the previous alpha 9. This version appears as a preference pane and installs a sync-agent which is automatically alerted by the operative system about changes to your address book.

I attach this new version: of course the two YABI should not coexist (they don’t share any data, but it’s advisable not to run both). To install it, simply double-click on the icon; customize your preferences, activate it and after few seconds events will appear in your iCal (a simple set of settings will be automatically set up at first start-up).

To uninstall, simply right-click on the preference pane and select “remove”. Download YABI 3.0 alpha 9 (previous version)

Download YABI.prefPane (new version)