Your Mac Keeps a Log of All Your Downloads

Some days ago, I read an interesting post of Michael McConnell about a MacOS “feature” that keeps track of all files you downloaded, no matter which programs you used. By the way it’s not such a brand new, as OSXDaily already talked about it one year ago.

Introducing Download History

Whenever you don’t want to mess with Terminal, command lines and sqlite, you can use this simple utility, called Download History. This tool just opens your quarantine log and shows its content in a more readable format, powered with search and a command to delete the content.

For each table item, the detail box shows:

  • the internal ID that uniquely identifies the resource
  • the date/time you downloaded the file
  • the title of the page you visited
  • the URL of the downloaded file
  • the original URL you came from
  • the sender’s name and email address (whenever you received an attachment with

You can download the program here (built for Mountain Lion) and browse its sources on Github.